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Choosing a Tabletop for your Hairpin Legs

square coffee table with hairpin legs

There are endless options for table tops to accompany the hairpin legs you’re looking forward to using. Making a tabletop can be as easy as finding a piece of reclaimed lumber and attaching a pair of metal hairpin legs. Or you could reuse an slats from an old pallet and fashion the wood into a tabletop. Some customers use an item that could be repurposed into a tabletop such as an old door. Or maybe a more personalized piece is what you’re looking for.

diy chest with hairpin legsRough sawn lumber, an old butcher block, or another table you’d like to retrofit. One idea that we think looks great is a useable top surface with an underside to which metal legs can be attached – an antique cabinet door, the top of an old trunk – or the whole trunk itself. Our hairpin legs are made to order and they are available in a variety of sizes so choose the thickness of your tabletop and we’re sure to make the legs in a size that works perfectly for you. Once you know how tall you want the overall height of your table, just subtract the thickness of the table top from the overall height and that will be the leg size you want. Not a standard size we’re offering? We can custom make any size between 4 and 30 inches so drop us an email if you think a custom size would work best for you. All of our metal legs are made of 100% recyclable steel right here in the USA!