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Chloe’s Salvaged Wood Bench with Hairpin Legs

Benches have many uses, and they are used to hold up more than just people. Adding a bench to your home can add fashion as well as function. You might use the bench to give your plants some sunlight like Chloe did; and when you have company over, the bench can be pulled out.

Chloe knows just as well as we do that hairpin legs are great for benches. She chose to use salvaged wood, which gave the bench a timeless feel, as if the piece has been around for years. Using hairpin legs meant she just had to screw them on firmly and she was done in no time at all. Read Chloe’s article on how the reclaimed wood bench came together.

hairpin leg bench by chloe

Chloe is lucky to have a salvaged wood resource in her area. Check around as you may have a place near you. Sometimes recycling centers also reclaim building material. If not, keep an eye out for deconstruction or renovations in your area. Often enough folks are happy to give out materials reducing what ends up in the landfill.

As always, let us know what you’re building and how you decided what to build with…we’re always excited to see what DIY furniture builders come up with.