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Summertime is DIY Hairpin Leg Furniture Time

Summer is a great time for making that piece of DIY furniture you’ve been thinking about. The days are longer and the weather is warmer – great times to work in the garage with the door open or to be out in the yard; and nothing makes better custom furniture than metal hairpin legs.

Our customers have built hairpin leg furniture using hundred-year- old barn boards and fallen tree trunks from their own front yard – anything goes. DIY furniture resources abound, and there have never been more DIY’ers talking about turning pallets into beautiful creations, reclaiming wood, and upcycling various building materials than there are today. Hairpin legs are the perfect way to turn your earth-friendly creations into durable stylish furniture.

The hairpin leg style originated at the turn of the century and the clean, modern look is still relevant to this day. If you’re looking for a more angular feel, our square bar hairpin legs and our bench legs might be the right choice. These solid or tube steel (your choice) legs are designed to hold the weight demands of a bench, but don’t let the name hold you back – bench legs make great tables and desks as well.

Making a piece of furniture yourself gives you the ability to tailor the piece to your exact needs. Plus, it will make a great conversation piece. Perhaps you know exactly what your space needs or maybe you’re still planning out the details. But no matter what you decide, your custom hairpin leg furniture will offer you much utility and pleasure for years to come!