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Jenni’s Mesquite Hairpin Leg Nesting Tables

One of the best attributes of hairpin legs is the little space they take up. Having a steel rod holding up your table means it does a solid sturdy job with a minimum of space. Jenni has gone a step further in space minimization: nesting hairpin leg tables! The ability to order hairpin legs in a variety of sizes means you can make tables of different heights. And that can mean tables that actually nest, further minimizing space while maximizing usable furniture in your home.

Shorter tables can be used for coffee tables and end tables to shorter furniture. Taller tables can be used next to higher furniture or as standalone tables for many uses. Jenni made these nesting tables from mesquite slabs. She left the live edge in tact keeping the natural shape of the wood. The dark color of the hairpin legs nicely brings out the dark aspects of the wood. At the same time the straight sleekness of the metal legs nicely compliments the wilder irregularities of the wood. Nice choice Jenni!

If you don’t happen to live near Jenni’s modern home accent store Riveted Studio you can certainly make your own set of nesting tables. We offer hairpin legs from 4”-30” tall. Making two or three nesting tables is only as difficult as finding the right wood for the table tops. Having nesting tables is a nice way to expand horizontal surfaces in living spaces when company comes or you just need a little extra space when working on a home project.