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Cassie’s Hairpin Leg Trunk Coffee Table

Which came first, the hairpin legs or the tabletop? Sometimes we know we want to make a table with hairpin legs. And, sometimes we have tabletop we know needs a set of legs. Which method works best for you?

square bar hairpin leg trunk coffee table

Cassie had an old trunk that needed the right parts to make it into a usable furniture piece. Our square bar hairpin legs were just the thing! Cassie says,

I love trunks and found this cute one in a cute boutique called Knot Too Shabby in Monrovia, Ca. I had to find something to do with it! So entered your company to help me out with that and the legs you guys made were just perfect!

Thank you, Cassie!

For some folks it’s easy to start put together the pieces of a new DIY table. But if that’s not how it’s feeling for you, no worries! There is no right way to go about making custom furniture. You can think about what height, width, depth, colors, materials, and so on. You can think about furniture pieces you already have – what aspects do you like and what could be improved? Maybe an existing piece you own could use a facelift? Looking through yard sales or antique shops can turn up the perfect tabletop. You can peruse our hairpin leg collection. You can start with the hairpin legs you like and then look for the tabletop. No matter how you go about it we’re confident you’ll come up with a hairpin leg table worth sending us a picture!