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Bob’s Burl Wood Hairpin Leg Table

burl side table with twisted hairpin legs closeup

Live edge wood is something we’ve discussed before, but it’s hard to describe just how unique these pieces can be. We’ve seen a fair amount of live edge wood turned into hairpin leg furniture, but Bob in Cleveland has taken the live edge look one step further with this hairpin leg table; it is an entire outer section of the tree.

The top surface retains the live edge curves of the tree while the underside has an entirely different dimension. Bob kept the rounded part of the tree intact. As if that weren’t interesting enough, this tree has a burl in it!

burl side table with twisted hairpin legs

On a living tree, a burl often looks like an odd rounded growth off the side of the trunk. When you take a look at Bob’s table, you can see the shape the burl makes as it projects out from the center of the main tree trunk. The inside of these growth patterns is amazing, and you can see why the unique wood patterns are highly prized.

Burl wood is made into many beautiful products. It is often turned into veneer so its beauty will go farther. Bob is lucky to have this unique piece of wood. Turning it into a hairpin leg table is a great idea. Keeping the burl attached to the original tree really highlights the difference between the normal growth wood and the burl. The twist hairpin legs are a great touch to this twisted gnarled burl wood! Excellent choice, Bob!

Here is what Bob had to say in his own words:

It’s a piece for our home: an elm end table. I love the twisted hairpins. You’ll be getting another order from me in the future!

Thanks Bob!