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Nina’s Custom Built Bed with Hairpin Legs

bed platform with hairpin legs

Here is a great project from Nina – a bed platform! We love seeing what our customers come up with when they want custom built furniture without paying top tier prices. Nina’s bed is no exception. Using hairpin legs to make a bed platform is a great idea. Many of us have a generic bed frame we’ve had for ages. When it comes time to replace it, it can take time to decide exactly what you want. Why not just make it?

hairpin leg bed platform

Having a bed frame designed to support just a mattress – without a box spring, has many advantages. First of all, it saves money by not getting a box spring whenever your mattress is replaced. This also saves time and space any time you (and your bed) move. Bed platforms offer additional support during sleep as well. Worn box springs can detract from quality of sleep. A solid frame ensures the mattress will always be well supported. Nina put a lot of thought into how to make her bed platform. Here is how she went about it:

The bed platform is twin size…made from hickory. The slats are 1.5 inches apart and we purchased a Saatva (luxury firm) mattress. The project came out beautifully and it’s very comfortable. We were so glad you suggested the heavy gauge leg.

As you can see, our Just the Tip hairpin legs were used, and as Nina mentioned, they are the heavier gauge steel. Both of these options add additional stability to ensure stability for such a large and important piece of furniture. Many great nights of sleep will be had on this bed! Thanks for sharing, Nina! Great job!