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Amazing Pencil Bench with Hairpin Bench Legs

Wow! Just when we think we’ve seen it all, an email like this one comes through. Designer / carpenter / DIY furniture maker Kim sent us a link to her post about an amazing bench she designed and created using our rebar hairpin legs as bench legs. She started with a beautiful thick slab of walnut and brought an amazing idea to the design…making the bench comfortable and custom-fit for each sitter. Not only do the pencils add a unique look and an eye-catching visual quality, but each one is spring-loaded to give the sitter a form-fitting experience!

kim ho's walnut pencil bench with hairpin bench legs

Amazing work Kim! We hope to help you create more pieces in the future…you’ve broken the mold! To see all the details on Kim’s process and check out other projects, check out the full post about Kim’s unique pencil bench on her blog.

kim ho sitting on her walnut pencil bench with hairpin bench legs