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Do I Need Custom Metal Bench Legs?

We know how rewarding making your own custom furniture can be. Knowing you designed and completed a piece of furniture for yourself (or a loved one) is always satisfying. One of the most used pieces of furniture in today’s multi-functional houses is a custom made bench. As part of a dining room set, a bench provides ample sitting room; in an entryway it is a place to take footwear on and off or to place heavy items upon entering the house. In an office setting benches provide a waiting area for clients or simply an attractive and welcoming furnishing.

Knowing you built this piece yourself provides the ultimate satisfaction. Creating your own piece is as easy as determining what top to use and then picking out what style of legs you want. Do your metal bench legs need to be custom? Not necessarily. We offer standard sized bench legs but we can customize bench legs for a perfect fit. Once you’ve determined the bench top to use (and its thickness) you can determine the bench height. Measure how tall you want the bench and subtract the width of the top. Now you have the height of the legs you want. Is it a height other than our standard offering? If yes, it is a custom leg height. Let us know what you want and we’ll make it – all of our table and bench legs are handmade right here in the United States!

diy bench with custom bench legs

As always, send us a picture when you’re done…we love seeing our customer’s creations!