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William’s Reclaimed Barn Board Table with Bench Legs

closeup reclaimed table with custom bench legs

We created our custom metal bench legs to give our customers another option to build beautiful and sturdy benches. Over the years, the legs have taken on a life of their own and are now used on all kinds of amazing furniture. Bench legs are a sturdy way to create a dining room table while maximizing foot space under the table. All of our metal legs – hairpin legs and otherwise, make great tables. What makes the bench legs unique is the distinct look and strength the add to a project.

William made this table for a client was looking to combine farmhouse design with industrial strength legs. William sourced 1800’s reclaimed white oak barn board for this handsome table.

William is a Master Craftsman Woodworker that established Vintage Woodworkz in 2014. He specializes in custom furniture made from salvaged barn wood in the Midwest. This reclaimed oak table is a great example of his unique style—one that pays homage to the wood’s previous life. William told us,

The wood had a tremendous amount of character as harvested, so I wanted to maintain as much of this as possible during the fabrication process while still making the table practical to use.

Reclaimed wood is an amazing material for custom furniture projects. For this particular piece William made sure to highlight the ribbon grain of both quarter sawn planks as well as the original mill and saw marks. William goes on to tell us about the process of putting it all together,

I joined the boards by gluing them together. The breadboard ends have live edges and are attached using mortise and tendon joinery to allow for expansion and contraction of the table planks.

Balancing the original look with full functionality makes this table beautiful and practical. The finished piece is truly one of a kind! Thank you for sharing William, the bench legs perfectly highlight your expert craftsmanship!