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Todd’s Console Tables with Hairpin Table Legs

Todd made these amazing console tables, and although it probably wasn’t his intention, it’s a great example of how different hairpin table legs can change the look of a table. Both tables are made with live edge slab wood and hairpin table legs. The two hairpin leg styles Todd chose are the twist hairpin legs and the “Just the Tip” hairpin legs. Each style is a modern furniture leg made of solid steel rod, but the way these rods are shaped gives each it’s completely different look.

live edge console with footed hairpin table legs live edge console with twisted hairpin table legs

We’re often asked what differences there are between hairpin leg styles. Most obvious is the appearance. Different styles work best for different tabletops, areas of the house, and most importantly, preference. Preference is usually the deciding factor in your finished product. A few styles of metal legs offer additional weight support if that is a deciding factor in your project. Bench legs, 3 rod hairpin legs, and Just the Tip hairpin legs offer the most weight support. The Just the Tip hairpin legs seems more stable in appearance and hints at the claw foot style some of us grew up with. Though the twist hairpin leg can hold up a fair amount of weight itself, it gives a lighter more playful look to the table.

Think about what you want your final product to look like and that will help give you an idea as to what the best style of hairpin table legs will be for your project. Now you have some side-by-side images illustrate their differences. For some folks it is helpful to get an idea of how the final project will look before deciding on a hairpin leg style. When you’re finished, send us a picture of what you came up with, we’d love to see!