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Todd’s Hairpin Leg Table and Metal Leg Bench

In part one of our feature on Todd’s live edge furniture, we talked about styles of hairpin table legs. Today we wanted to share how Todd used hairpin legs and metal bench legs to make a matching (but not identical) set of DIY furniture.

side table with hairpin table legs entryway bench with metal bench legs

Though there are many similarities between the pieces its striking how different the two pieces look simply by choosing different metal leg styles. Both hairpin legs and the bench legs are beautiful, functional, and durable. But they have totally different looks. The solid construction of the flat bar bench legs imparts a solid and sturdy look to the bench as a whole. The hairpin legs are just as durable as the bench legs, but we find that their thin construction doesn’t draw the eye to the legs much, meaning the tabletop is the star of the piece. What a perfect use on a small bench by the front door. The natural shape of the live edge slab looks perfect against the stone siding on this house. All in all, an excellent addition to this home!

The choice of where to place furniture in the house can be a fun one! Some folks like similar hairpin leg furniture all in the same room. For example, we’ve seen matching end tables and a coffee table all in the living room. Hairpin leg furniture throughout the house is another great option. The metal leg furniture right outside the home will look great with the second piece inside the house. What a great way to distribute the natural look of wood throughout the house.

Thanks for sharing Todd!