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Sarah’s 1875 Butter Works Table with Custom Metal Legs

butter works coffee table with custom metal legs

One of the best features of custom metal table legs is that they can go on virtually any furniture design you dream up. We’ve seen hairpin legs complete a bench and bench legs make a bookshelf. If you have a furniture project you want to top off with a fantastic pair of legs, we’re confident we have the right metal legs to help out.

butter works table with custom metal legs butter works coffee table with custom metal table legs

Perhaps you have an antique piece you want to give new life just like Sarah did with this 1875 butter works. It has been repurposed as a coffee table! What a great centerpiece—and conversation piece–for the living room. Butter works were used in the past to process and mold butter. While we don’t use them much anymore, the craftsmanship is wonderful and Sarah did a great job preserving its beauty.

Sarah chose the angle iron legs and we think they look perfect. The metal legs immediately blend with the antique style of the butter works and highlight its beauty. Whether you’ve got an old antique sitting in the garage or you come across one at an antique shop, know that our hairpin legs will be the perfect finishing touch that will be both functional and fashionable. Here’s what Sarah had to say about our metal legs:

Just got the legs in the mail today. Assembly couldn’t have been easier…thanks for helping to bring this piece back to life

All of our metal legs can become part of a truly unique table. Whether you choose our hairpin legs or another style such as the bench legs or angle iron legs, they will perfectly complete your table project. Thank you for sharing, Sarah, your table came out great!