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Nila’s Live Edge Couch Table with Hairpin Legs

closeup live edge sofa table with hairpin legs

Couch tables are a great way to provide living room table space without taking up a lot of room. Tucked closely behind the couch itself this style of table provides easy access to phones, glasses and drinks without hogging a lot of space on either side of the couch or breaking up a room the way a coffee table can. Even a thin couch table can provide an easily accessible horizontal surface as well as a surface for lighting, which is great for reading.

Nila’s table uses our original hairpin legs – a classic choice. As you can see the legs themselves are not positioned in the outermost corners of this table. That is one of the great benefits of making your own table – you can make it any way that suits you and the surface you are working with. Offsetting the legs on this table honors the individuality of the tabletop and highlights the curves and angles it brings to the table, pun intended.

Live edge tabletops create unique and gorgeous pieces of furniture that are always one of a kind. The dark and light colors in this piece of wood have been preserved by keeping the entire width of the log. They match the other colors in the room perfectly; drawing the space together. If you don’t have easy access to your own live edge slab simply look up your local sawmill or lumberyard and let them know what you are looking for. They can cut custom orders and may have a variety of wood types to offer. Before long you’ll be putting the finishing touches on your own hairpin leg table!