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Presley’s Hairpin Leg Couch Table with The Twist Legs

closeup couch table with twist hairpin legs

We’ve been seeing a lot more behind-the-couch tables recently and we can see why. This style of table is very convenient for use during couch time without taking up a lot of space. Many living spaces have room for a slender table behind the couch even if there isn’t room (or desire) for a coffee table in the front. This beautiful table was made by Presley. Check out the slowly curving lines of this table. Our Twist hairpin legs go perfectly with Presley’s table. The soft curving lines of both the tabletop and the hairpin legs perfectly complement each other. Nicely paired!

couch table with twist hairpin legs

We sometimes get questions about using our metal legs on hardwood surfaces. Should pads be used to protect the floor and keep the table in place? That is of course completely up to each user but there are situations where it makes sense. The end use of the table as well as the floor itself are both determining factors. But some folks have really enjoyed having them on their metal legs. As you can see, Presley has chosen to use them on this table. If your metal legs will be directly on a hardwood floor your concerned about scratches, it might be a good idea to pad the bottoms of the legs. Tables that may be bumped frequently or are in a high traffic area may also benefit. Some wood floors are more prone to dings and indents than others, so if protecting your floor is a high priority, it may be better to be safe than sorry. See our FAQ for more information on what pads might work well for our hairpin legs. Either way, we know you’ll love having your own piece of hairpin leg furniture in your home!