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DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

Here in Colorado, our snowy spring is clearing up and turning into a beautiful early summer. We love the sunsets on the front range, and after a long day at work, what could be better than grilling or relaxing on the patio? Well, you could be eating with the family or relaxing on patio furniture you made yourself! We love helping our customers create amazing, original pieces of outdoor patio furniture at a fraction of the usual cost. So here are a few easy patio furniture ideas for anyone with a few basic tools and a desire to own beautiful wood and steel outdoor patio furniture.

We’ve seen some amazing outdoor benches made from our original flat bar steel bench supports, as well as our new rectangular tube bench supports. All you’ll need to get started is a piece of wood you’d like to turn into a bench, a screwdriver and a tape measure. In most communities, your local lumber yard will sell rough cut lumber at very reasonable prices, so do a little Googling and see what is available. A little sanding and a coat of varnish are good options, but an unfinished look can work as well.

Once you have your lumber, you’ll need to take a few measurements and decide what will give your outdoor bench the support it needs. We recommend bench supports for most long pieces of furniture, but hairpin legs can work on many projects as well. Once your legs or supports arrive in the mail, it’s as easy as affixing the legs and you’re done!

redwood slab outdoor bench photo 1bench-with-custom-flat-bar-legs


Another project we’ve seen more than a few of our customers pull together quickly for the patio is a repurposed door as a unique piece of outdoor furniture. Again, you’ll need to find a door you’d like to turn into a patio or poolside table. Reclaimed building supply warehouses, flea markets and antique stores can be an excellent source for do-it-yourself furniture materials. Then you’ll want to decide what kind of table legs will best accent your piece. Classic hairpin legs or three rod hairpin legs are a great choice. Some of our customers like the angular look of the square bar hairpin legs, or the tapered angle iron legs…but that’s up to you! So, we hope these patio furniture ideas help you get started on your next furniture project, and when you’re finished, send us photos of your DIY furniture project.

vintage door coffee table with angle iron legs