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New Tube Steel Modern Furniture Legs

It’s always fun to offer a new product, and our family of modern furniture legs has a new member! These tube steel legs are just what they sound like – square tube steel legs. They are simple in design, offering you another great DIY furniture option. These legs are made from hot rolled tubing that is 2-inches square. As with all of our metal legs, it has a mounting plate with holes for your attachment hardware. The tube steel mounting plate is 5-inches square by ¼-inch thick. The holes for your hardware are elongated ¼-inch by ½-inch.

Some customers have picked out the style of metal furniture legs they like and that’s their go-to when building or upgrading furniture. Other customers prefer to keep it interesting and choose a new style for different pieces of furniture. Do you see yourself as one type or the other? This new addition to the metal leg line-up might just fit into your building habits. Here is a new style to try out. It is another fun option for those of you who like to change things up. And for those of you who know what you like and like what you know – maybe this will be your new metal leg soul-mate. Try out this new simple and super functional furniture leg and let us know what you think about it!

We sell these legs individually, so you can get just the number your project calls for. As with our hairpin legs they come in a variety of heights. Even sizes are available from 4-inches to 30-inches to ensure your project is as tall or short as you need it. Perhaps your project would be best completed with legs of different heights. A desk with drawers on only one side, for example, would do well with short legs under the drawers and tall legs supporting the desktop. The options are endless! Keep us posted with your project pics!