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Hairpin Leg Floor Protectors

We get asked a lot about floor protection for hairpin legs, and we’ve seen many DIY solutions to having steel table legs inside the house. Generally, our answer has been: if your furniture stays put and you control humidity, you shouldn’t have any issues.

That said, if you are using hairpin leg furniture on softer floors, or if you move your furniture a lot, you may want to consider floor protection.

After many requests, we now have a great hairpin leg floor protection option for you! The new protectors come in a set of four and conveniently clip onto the bottom of the hairpin leg itself. These floor protectors are made right here in Colorado and they fit right on the bottom of our ½”- and ¾” diameter hairpin legs. If floor protection is something you want to plan for, keep this in mind when you are choosing legs.

If there are other hairpin leg accessories you’ve been thinking of or looking for, get in touch, we’re always looking for ways to help out with more DIY furniture projects.