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Martin’s Mirrored Walnut Slab with Hairpin Legs

When you have a gorgeous slab of wood you can aim for a very specific outcome in a final piece of furniture. Martin had a beautiful mirrored slab of walnut. He was looking to create a beautiful table but wanted a few things to really stand out. The combination of hairpin legs and an oil finish accomplished what he was looking for.

This is the first time I’ve used hairpin legs and I’m really pleased with the result. Not only is the table lighter and easier to move, they sort of “go away,” letting the table top get all the visual attention, which is what I really wanted for this particular piece of wood.

I decided to use a hand-rubbed oil finish. You can’t get the kind of depth from polyurethane that you can from oil or wax and I really wanted the figuring and color changes in the wood to stand out.

Finding the perfect slab of wood can be amazing. But finding the right way to highlight it can be the hard part. Our hairpin legs are always able to sturdily hold up a beautiful slab of wood to create a table. But sometimes paying a supporting role is a good thing – especially for hairpin legs. The unassuming structure of hairpin legs makes them perfect candidates for the job. Martin’s slab of wood really is the star of this show, and we’re glad our hairpin legs were able to create this table to highlight it. If you’d like to keep up with Martin’s work, follow him on Facebook.