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Stump Table with Short Hairpin Legs

stump section table with short hairpin legs

Rachael has a tree in her house! Or at least a big piece of one. So often stumps are the remnants of a tree no one knows what to do with. This table shows how amazing they can be! Turning it over provides a large unique tabletop surface. The center of the stump has been hollowed out. This will make the weight of the table much more manageable. We created a custom brace for the underside. This will stabilize the whole stump while minimizing any further cracking that might happen as the wood continues to dry with indoor use. We’re always happy to entertain custom metal work. It can make the difference between a typical and outstanding piece of furniture.


The hairpin legs add the finishing touch to this table. Our hairpin legs come in a variety of sizes which come in handy for a good table maker! This table is perfect with short hairpin legs and we expect it will be a conversation piece in any room. We’re glad our hairpin legs were the finishing touch on this magical table! Thanks for sharing Rachael – what an amazing job!