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Make Your Own Desk

Our modern table legs have been used for chairs, coffee tables and even standing desks. We were asked recently what a good beginner DIY furniture project would be, so today we’re going to discuss how to make your own desk, using modern metal table legs. So you’ve decided to make a desk instead of heading to your local big box store? Congratulations! You’re on your way to having both: a custom piece of furniture for your home or office as well as the satisfaction of having built something with your own two hands.

You’ll need two sets of materials: a desktop and some legs. Most of the projects we see made with our legs use a wood desktop.  This could be as custom as crafting your own butcher block to use, or it could be as simple as picking up a vintage door. Scout around in your area for wood you can reclaim, rough cut wood you can easily refinish, or perhaps a tabletop which you already own, but which isn’t the correct height for your new DIY desk.

kitchen table with hairpin legs big IMG_20121107_174948


Once you have your wood picked out, head over to our products section and decide what legs are going to look just right supporting your desk. Many of the desks our customers make use classic hairpin table legs, but the tapered angle iron legs or flat bar bench legs might add the perfect look to your project. Measure the height you’d like to have your desk at, and place your order. One tip for those of us working at computers: make sure you measure the height your keyboard and mouse feel comfortable at, which may be different than where you want your monitors.

If you are going to refinish or add a second coat of sealant to your wood, take care of that while we create the desk legs for you and get them in the mail. By the time the legs get there, your desktop should be dry and ready for legs. We hope these tips help you get started, and if you have any questions about which legs might be best for your project, get in touch. And of course, send us a photo when you’re done! We love seeing the amazing designs our customers come up with.