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Jamie’s Upholstered Ottomans with Hairpin Legs

upholstered ottoman with hairpin legs

The most common hairpin leg furniture we see consists of some variation of a wooden top supported by our custom metal legs, but there are many ways to go about using metal legs – this Ottoman set is a great reminder that the possibilities are endless!

Upholstered furniture adds cushion and comfort, and it opens up a whole new world of colors and textures. Jamie has chosen a very upbeat and festive color scheme and design for the ottoman set. Upholstered furniture can easily be made from smaller bits of cloth you already have and like.

upholstered ottomans with hair pin legs

Jamie upcycles upholstery when making furniture which is another great way to go about making a DIY project. And of course upholstery can be made to match existing colors and cloths in your home. So think about restoring an existing piece of furniture you have with a new set of hair pin legs – or making a whole new piece of furniture from start to finish. Either way we have hairpin legs that will suit your project.

We offer hairpin legs from 4-inches to 30-inches tall. This allows for projects that take shorter legs – like an ottoman – to those that require taller legs like a desk or table. And you can be sure that all of our metal legs are built to last and will take a lifetime of use whether they are holding up an ottoman or the kitchen table! You can look at more pieces like this on Jamie’s website, and contact us when you need legs. Nice ottomans Jamie – thanks for the inspiration!