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Chevron Pallet Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

chevron coffee table with hairpin legs

You may see the term thrown around a lot these days, but for the uninitiated, a chevron (or cheveron) is a V-shaped pattern…sometimes made into a repeating design. The roots of this design are ancient and it can be seen in early art such as on pottery and rock carvings that date as far back as 1800 BC. Ancient roots aside, it is a simple pattern that catches the eye and adds a lot of depth to a DIY table. The folks at have put together a great chevron table using pallets.

diy chevron coffee table with hairpin legsWe can’t say enough great things about the low cost and easily reusable pallet. As you can guess, neither can the folks at 101 Pallets. This table utilizes the V-pattern on the tabletop, frames the pattern in wood, and then pairs it with classic hairpin legs. Not only do the hairpin legs emphasize the tabletop without dominating the show, but their soft curves coupled with straight solid lines compliment the chevron design.

Here at Modern Legs we make a variety of hairpin legs and supply anyone from commercial furniture makers to the first-time DIY furniture maker. We have lots of styles to choose from such as the classic hairpin leg used here to the 3 Rod hairpin leg, the “Just the Tip” leg, and more. And all of our metal hairpin legs come in a variety of sizes so you can easily make any table you can imagine – from a dining room table, to a desk, to the coffee table you see here.