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Glass Topped Cherry Table with Tapered Angle Iron Legs

tapered angle iron legs

We say this a lot, but we love seeing an old piece of furniture turned into a new one. Joan chose our tapered angle iron legs instead of one of our many hairpin leg styles. Her feeling was that the angle iron legs would share the sturdy, blocky feel of the tabletop and we agree!

glass top table with tapered angle iron legs

This is a table made with 100+ year old cherry that has been covered with glass. We’ve seen other customers cover tabletops with glass as well, and a glass covering does a number of things. First of all it protects the tabletop itself. Spills or damp materials that might otherwise damage antique or untreated wood will be well protected by a thick piece of glass. Secondly, it puts the tabletop on display. A glass covered tabletop highlights the unique features and draws the eye to the tabletop itself.

A third great reason to add glass to the top of your table is the added options it provides. Wood that is slatted, uneven, or otherwise not flat is given a flat surface with glass—allowing nearly any building material to become a tabletop. One of the things Joan appreciated about our metal legs is,

the fact that we could order legs to make an optimal height table for computer use

To ensure the table is just the right height for you, measure the thickness of your tabletop –and glass if you’ll be adding that to the top–and subtract that sum from the overall height you want your table. We offer modern metal legs (including hair pin legs) in many different heights so you’ll have lots of options to make sure your future table is just the height that works for you. Thanks for sharing Joan, we love the table!