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Creative Table Legs: Hairpin Legs with a Twist

creative hairpin table legs

Creative table legs tell a story of who you are, what you’ve done, or what your home is all about. Sometimes a design jumps out and grabs you and you know you love it from the first moment you lay eyes on it. Customers tell us our metal table legs do just that. And even better, when they’ve put them on a table in their place, their guests comment on the table legs as well. We offer a variety of metal hairpin legs, but without a doubt, those that lend themselves best to creative table legs are The Twist hairpin legs. These legs are a twist on our classic metal hairpin leg – literally. Hand-made from hot rolled steel, these legs are shaped in a ribbon-like form offering a different shape interpretation from every angle. The hot rolled steel affords more character and variation in the surface resulting in a more unique and bucolic look. It is a creative leg style that lends itself well to any table.

Sound just perfect for your next project? The Twist hairpin table legs come in two different diameters (1/2” and 3/8”) and come in even inch heights from 4″ – 30″; if you’ve got a different size in mind, let us know and we can custom make any size up to 30″. All of our legs are made to order right here in the USA. You can rest easy knowing where they come from and that they will last as long as your table does. We know you and your guests will love looking at the unique style of these creative table legs and their solid artistic elegance.

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Modern Legs + Modern in Denver

As of last Friday, Modern Legs is on the newsstand! A great Denver design magazine did an excellent write-up on us. Modern in Denver has been around for just over five years and we’re excited to be in the fall edition of the magazine. The photos were shot in the workshop a few weeks back, and ever since the shoot we’ve been eagerly awaiting the article. When the magazine hit the shelves last Friday we held a little launch party for our first long form magazine article and it was great to see some of our hairpin legs and a great article about our designs in print!

friends and family read modern legs articlearticle about hairpin legs from modern legs modern legs founder reads article in modern in denver


Here are a few candid shots from the party and of course, if you want to read the article or just keep up with the world of design in the Denver metro area, pick up the fall edition of Modern in Denver, on newsstands now! Thanks to pro photographer Mary for taking some shots during the party on short notice!

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Is It Made Out Of Metal?

We sometimes get odd requests from clients, such as: “Can you make me a heavy curtain rod with unique hooks that hangs from the ceiling?”

Our response: “Is it made out of metal?”

 Usually the answer is yes, and we can make it. It’s not just about fabricating things. It’s about the creative process, and that is what truly drives us to imagine new ideas and improve upon old ones. Are we the first people to come up with the idea of the hairpin table leg? Not even close! But we’ve tweaked it:

hairpin legs with feet …and twisted it: unique hairpin legs

…to provide you with unique products that you cant get at Ikea. You usually end up at stores like West Elm or Crate and Barrel. While these stores provide some great inspiration, what you really end up with is a piece that is overpriced and cheaply made in a sweatshop overseas. I recently had a phone conversation with a customer who purchased her entire dining room set from West Elm and spent way too much money for what she got. For the same price she could have supported small business and received a superior product that was hand made right here in Our Country, the United States of America.

custom made curtain rod and hooks

The moral of the story is: If you have a vision for a product and can’t find exactly what you want at the import warehouse, call us! Because most likely if it is made out of metal…we can make it better and stronger!

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Finished Industrial Table Teasers

We are in the process of finishing prototypes for rustic modern desks, coffee tables, and end tables. We will be adding kitchen sized and conference size tables as well. Tons of options to choose from: alder, oak, walnut, mahogany, beetle kill pine, fir, poplar, reclaimed snow fence, reclaimed barn wood, and even some live edge creations courtesy of TC Woods. Heres a sneak peek:



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Three Bar Hairpin Legs

We’re excited to announce that after many requests, we are about ready to roll out our newest product, three bar hairpin legs. Our new 3 bar hairpin legs will be made out of the same quality materials and with the same craftsmanship that we use for our original hairpin legs and sizes will be consistent as well.

3 rod hairpin legs

We should get these up on the site over the weekend, so check back Monday! TGIF!

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Just The Tip.

hairpin legs with feet

We continually strive to make our products better and offer more variation on our products. This innovation led us to our latest product we like to call “Just the Tip”. The slight bend at the end of our Just the Tip legs creates a very stable hairpin leg. These are great for children’s desks and offer a unique twist on the favorite hairpin leg.

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New Products Coming Soon

We’ve been hard at work innovating new products. A good session at the forge last week led us to a new style of leg. We’re calling these angle iron tapered legs and they should be available up in the shop later on this week. We hope you all love them as much as we do.

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Product Line Expansion!

Modern Legs is going big! Our line of hairpin legs has been so successful that we are expanding our product line to include finished pieces of furniture as well as custom hand railing. These items will be produced under the direction of JR Design Studio – the creative mind behind Modern Legs. You can see some of the items at our Etsy shop: