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Bench Legs: How to Protect the Metal

tube steel bench legs

You’ve decided you want to use metal bench legs for your next project. You’ve made a wonderful piece of furniture – or maybe it’s still in the works, and you want to know what to do to make these beautiful steel bench legs last forever. First, know that these metal legs are made to last. If you like the look of the raw metal, great! It is one of their best features. If you’re confident that they’ll be well taken care of in their environment, such as in your house, then you can rest easy. These things will still be around to pass on to your grandkids.

If you want to keep them outside or change up the color, the easiest thing you can do is wax them. This will provide a clear coating so you can still enjoy their classic look but you’ve added a layer of protection to seal out moisture and spills. They can also be clear coated which still maintains their appearance, but it’s more durable than wax and will remain on the legs longer. Clear coating, as with other painting options does take longer to dry and will need to be applied in a well ventilated area to disperse volatiles. Gun blue is still another route some customers go. This process can provide protection and a deep color as well. Gun bluing can be done alone or with a wax added over. Painting is an option that provides both protection and color selection. Choose a paint that is appropriate for use on metal and have fun selecting what will go best with your project. A few pointers to keep in mind – be sure to remove any dust, moisture, or other particulate matter from the legs before beginning and follow all instructions for the products you choose to use. Getting your own set of bench legs, hairpin legs, or custom metal legs from us is just the beginning of the fun. These protection methods can be used on all of our metal legs – and we’d love to see pictures of what you’ve created!