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Are Bench Legs the Best Option for my Bench?

Benches made with metal furniture legs are simple and elegant both for sitting and storing things. A bench can provide a place to put on your shoes by a front door or set your bag when you first coming in. There are–of course–many uses for benches and if you’re considering one you may already have a use in mind. But are our bench legs best for your project? Our two styles of bench legs are made as a solid foundation for any bench. They both come in the standard bench height. They are made of durable steel – either flat bar steel or tube steel. Their solid construction ensures they provide a solid base for your sitting area.

But there are times where you may be looking for another style of metal furniture legs. In addition to our bench legs we offer tapered angle iron legs and a variety of hairpin legs. If you’re looking for a wider top to your bench using the tapered angle iron or hairpin legs may be for you. One of the great things about our bench legs is that they come in a set of two, as opposed to four like our other legs. This means they provide maximum stability for a typical bench. But if you’re creating a wider sitting area having the option of four individual legs may be for you. Or perhaps you’re just looking to create some type of seating area that’s not necessarily a bench. Our hairpin legs also make a great stool. You can make a bare-topped or upholstered stool. No matter which of our metal legs you decide to go with, they are all solid supports. Every one of our metal legs is made of cold rolled steel and are made to order right here in the USA!