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Looking for an Easy DIY Furniture Project?

Homemade furniture and hairpin leg furniture are synonymous to us, but not everyone has made their own furniture yet. That is what is so great about hairpin leg furniture. It can be your very first project or your long-time profession. The ease of using hairpin legs ensures anyone can undertake a project. Still, if you’re nervous about undertaking your very first hairpin leg project, don’t worry. You might like it so much it will just be the first of many!

If you’re new to making your own furniture, make it easy on yourself. Keep your project in your comfort zone and see how it goes. Take an old cabinet door or a few planks of wood you come across. Get some heavy-duty screws and use a hand screwdriver. Attach your hairpin legs to the underside of your tabletop. Voila! You have a table! It really isn’t as daunting as it seems at first. Plus, our hairpin legs are so durable when you want to upgrade your table, you can simple take the legs off and use them on your upgraded tabletop!

If you’re not sure how to finish or seal your tabletop, invite some friends to help you out. Maybe someone you know even has a few extra tools or some lumber laying around. Everyone can get involved within their skill level and before long you’ll have a brand-new hairpin leg table. The great thing about doing it this way is every time you use your table, you’ll be thinking about the great folks that were there to make it come to life!