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Vintage Teak Table with Modern Metal Table Legs

When you talk about fine wood and furniture making, teak will inevitably come up. It is a prized wood used to make a variety of things. How come? Teak is naturally tough. First of all, it is physically durable. It can be relatively easily worked, but its durability is known to dull woodworking tools. Secondly, it is naturally weather resistant. Fine outdoor furniture is often made of teak and will last a long time. It doesn’t need chemicals or a special finish to withstand the elements. It will gray over time when left untreated outdoors giving it a beautiful silvery look. On top of all of that, teak naturally resists insects that can damage wood.

Not sold yet? Teak is also just plain gorgeous! It has a golden color to it when kept indoors or treated to protect it from the elements. Take a look at how stunningly this Mid-Century table has aged. It could be mistaken for brand new!

If you’re thinking of making a new teak table, or repurposing an old one, hairpin legs are a great option! That’s exactly what the folks at Vintage Home Boutique in Toronto did. Their teak hairpin leg table is beautiful. The hairpin legs support the clean lines of this sleek teak tabletop. We know how versatile hairpin legs can be, but we like that the folks at Vintage Home Boutique point out another great aspect of hairpin legs: they can be removed! It may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating. Whenever you need to move or even store a hairpin leg table, the hairpin legs can easily be removed. No more wondering how you’re going to get your table through a front door or up some stairs! Elegance and practicality!