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Stem Furniture

I just recently had the opportunity to bid a project for a great San Francisco furniture company called Stem Furniture. In reading through their website, we seem to have very similar design ideas: simplicity and sustainability. Their pieces are crafted from salvaged trees obtained from local timber companies. They accent the natural beauty of the trees and maintain clean, modern lines for a truly unique piece of furniture.

A picture in the blog portion of their website reminded me of my camping trips to the redwood forests of California back in the days when I lived in Vancouver, WA. It was a day’s drive across the state of Oregon to get there, and well worth the drive. It’s hard to grasp the magnitude of these trees unless you see them in person and I often wonder about what it must have been like to have been a logger cutting down one of those giants. The impact had to have felt like a small earthquake!

It was a pleasure to look over their website and be reminded of the beauty of the trees in California, and we wish Stem Furniture and companies like them all over the US nothing but success!