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State of the Union

Modern Legs started up as a side show to a welding business just over one year ago. I had seen some of the other table legs being produced and I thought to myself, “With a degree in metalsmithing and 17 years of professional welding experience, I can make this product better!”

I had all of the tools and expertise required to build the legs, but I just needed a venue to get them to the public. The first thing I did was to build a storefront on Heck, it was free and it only costs $0.20 to list a product. I started out with a single listing that had all of the pricing information for the various sizes of hairpin legs I built. Before long I was spending way too much time answering questions and creating custom listings for every single purchase so I hired someone to build for me. My business exploded and was even mentioned on

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In an effort to keep up with customer service, I am proud to say that Modern Legs will be responsible for 5 new part time jobs to the American workforce! Invisible Window is now my on call web developer (with design services provided by Angry Bovine) and Eastern Star Marketing has done a wonderful job getting our SEO tightened up this spring. I have brought on an apprentice metalworker to assist with prep and clean the legs during the production process so my focus can stay on laying down the pretty welds that make my product superior. I’ve also been able to help a friend’s son pay for his first car by hiring him to help package and ship orders. The next addition will be a customer service rep / bookkeeper.

I am extremely excited about these changes that will allow me to spend more time on product development and innovation. Until next time, keep on reclaiming, upcycling, and DIYing!