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Shannon’s Scrap Wood Hairpin Leg Table

scrap wood table with hairpin legs closeup

Shannon’s hairpin leg table shames anyone who thinks of scrap wood as just kindling. Shannon used hairpin legs to finish off this gorgeous scrap wood table. This table has so many unique aspects to it, where do we begin? The design alone is amazing but the unique attention to detail really defines this table. The mix of wood colors is amazing and the way she laid out the pieces really brings out the variety that wood can bring to a project. The larger and lighter center pieces break up the pattern a bit while highlighting it at the same time.

scrap wood table with hairpin legs

There are many ways to attach our hairpin legs to your tabletop. Typically the legs are screwed to the underside of the table providing stability and keeping the hardware hidden. Shannon has done just the opposite. Instead of hiding the screws they have been highlighted. Nice touch! Putting the screws through the top of the wood makes them visible and includes them as part of the visual design of the table.

What really sets metal hairpin legs apart is that not only do they not detract from the table itself but they enhance it. It is too often the case that someone makes a beautiful tabletop – be it reclaimed wood or a cross-sectioned tree trunk, and the legs themselves are an afterthought. Hairpin legs are a durable support system that enhances the tabletop without stealing the show; wooden tabletops and hairpin legs are perfect partners. Here are Shannon’s words about our hairpin legs:

Thanks perfect finishing touch to my scrap wood coffee table!

Thank you, Shannon. Inspiring table, and beautiful woodworking!