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Rachel’s Live Edge Furniture with Hairpin Bench Legs

Sometimes it can be easy to dream up a design, but hard to get started. If you’re thinking of a new piece of furniture in your home but you’re not yet sure how to make it, keep an eye out for authors and DIY’ers like Rachel. She very clearly documents furniture building and crafting–as well as how she built this table–on her blog, DIY in PDX.

Rachel starts off by showing us the wood she selected and the bench legs she’s going to use; in this case hairpin legs. Once the piece is completed, she shows us some great ideas of how to use the piece now that its completed. In another example of how the process is different for all of us, Rachel keeps her options open for exactly what type of hairpin leg furniture this really is. After making what she intended to be a bench, she realizes the versatility of the completed furniture – it would also work perfectly as a coffee or side table.

Sometimes the adventure of making your own piece of furniture is just the beginning of the adventure. Deciding how and where to use it can be just as fun. And it doesn’t have to maintain the same use forever. Making such versatile furniture means it will conform to your needs and uses as they change over time.

That’s part of the magic of hairpin bench legs. They are great for all kinds of furniture. Our hairpin legs are available in heights ranging from 4 inches all the way up to 30 inches. The shorter legs are great for foot stools and ottomans as well as pre-made furniture like a bureau that needs shorter legs. The mid-sized legs are ideal for coffee tables, end tables, and benches like Rachel’s. Taller hairpin legs make perfect dining room tables, desks, and entryway or console-style tables. Of course the list is virtually endless. We’ve seen amazing furniture our customers have put together and look forward to what you have in mind!