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Inlay Woodworking and Modern Steel Table Legs

Inlay is a way to flush up depressions in wood. It can also be an artistic highlight. If you’re thinking of using an inlay woodworking technique, why not accent to the colors of the wood itself?

If you’ve never tried inlay woodworking there are many colors of inly that can be used. Technically you can inlay with wood, but often what you’ll see is either a two-part epoxy or an adhesive combined with a color. We’ve seen a natural stone, such as turquoise added to fill the irregular or off-shapes of the wood you are working with and add a dash of color. Inlay can be used in one spot on the wood or in multiple spots.

nested table with angle iron table legs and inlay

Check out some tutorials if this is your first time, or delve into another great inlay option if it’s an old trick for you. When it comes to the legs, we suggest choosing a set of modern steel legs for your table that accent the overall design. Don’t worry much about finish…we expect most of your guests or customers will be looking at the inlay!

We’d love to see what you come up with. Are you using the inlay as a stand-alone contrast color or are you adding color in other ways to the table? Are you matching the color by painting he hairpin legs themselves? Is there a highlighting color throughout the table? Send us a pic so we can see your work!