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Hairpin Legs and Alternative Materials

3 rod hairpin leg triangle table closeup

The most common building material we see used with our hairpin legs is wood. Do hairpin legs have to be used with wood? Absolutely not! Wood is a great option and many of us are comfortable with woodwork, but don’t be relegated to it. Other materials that make hairpin leg furniture as well!

Hairpin legs need to be attached to the underside of whatever piece of furniture you’re making. That could be a tabletop, desktop, bench, stool, bureau, etc. Typically, our metal furniture legs are screwed to the underside, but that doesn’t need to limit you either. All you need is a firm attachment so the piece of furniture will be sturdy and stable for all its intended uses.

Past customers have used materials such as melamine, glass, and even marble. Keith found the melamine table he made to be the perfect surface for his two young daughters to use for projects. Glass is a tabletop material we’ve seen used multiple times with our metal legs. You could top a wooden table with glass or make a wooden frame and let the glass itself be the tabletop. And Kristi had a great idea for a bedside table. She used adhesive to attach the hairpin legs to the underside of a large marble tile. There are lots of ways to utilize the materials you love with the hairpin legs they deserve!