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Hairpin Leg End Tables from Urban Mining Co

end tables hairpin legs

We hardly need to state how practical end tables are – we all know how convenient it is to have somewhere handy to set our phone our drink or whatever we’ve got in our hands. But when we picture an end table, do we all picture the same thing? End tables come in many sizes and shapes. From tall and thin to short and broad, end tables serve a great purpose in our homes, no matter their dimensions.

Building your own table ensures it will be the prefect size for your needs and location, or if you live in northern California, maybe you should have a look at the tables being built by Urban Mining Co. They shared photos of the great hairpin leg end tables they have been creating.

Here are a few examples of the hairpin leg and reclaimed wood tables the team at Urban Mining Co have been making. You can see the simple beauty of the wood as well as the added flair of the design. We love the design, the accent and how it all comes together in the final product.

You can see how useful the different shapes would be for different uses. The matching tables are nice for either side of the bed or couch; the shorter table with more surface area would go great in a corner between a couch and an easy chair, for example. The hair pin legs themselves don’t take up much space, so you can easily slide things underneath them if need be, and the simple metal of the legs allows the focus to stay on the wood.

We’re glad we can cater to differences in personal preference and utility so well; our hairpin legs all come in different height options as well as diameter size so whether you want a tall table, a short one, one with thicker hairpin legs, and so on, we’ve got you covered. Our metal legs come in different styles as well from the Original hairpin leg style seen here, to 3 Rod hairpin legs, “Just the Tip” legs, and more. You can keep the legs just as they are or you may want to paint or otherwise treat them to add color to the table. The possibilities are endless! No matter what you decide to go with we know you’ll be delighted each time you use your very own end table you made yourself!