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Upholstered Bench with Hairpin Legs

Upholstered hairpin leg furniture is such a treat to see. Somehow, being made less frequently, it is a symbol of how unique modern upholstered benches can be. Whether you’re looking for DIY upholstered bench ideas or want to get one made for you, we think you’ll love the look (and comfort) of this style bench.

This particular upholstered bench is made by the folks at Loose Button in the UK. Their choice of wool fabric makes perfect sense. Wool is a durable washable surface that will hold up to wear and spills. The fabric color combination is amazing. The muted and bright colors offer great contrast. Upholstered benches and other seating surfaces give the creator lots of options. The furniture can be a basic piece of furniture that utilizes hairpin legs to hold up a wood table or benchtop. Then it’s as simple as covering it with cushioning and fabric. Fabric offers many options of textures and colors. And the cushioning itself gives you height and comfort options to explore. Upholstered furniture can add softness to a space.

Not only are they quite literally soft, but their rounded edges and soft coverings bring a different dimension than standard wooden-topped furniture. A bench like this would certainly be a nice treat to sit on while coming and going in cooler days. When making your own upholstered furniture, you also have the option to update and change out the upholstery coverings over time to match your changing tastes. Hairpin leg furniture is so accommodating! Thanks to the folks at Loose Button for sharing these pictures. We hope to see more upholstered hairpin leg furniture in the near future!