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Bench Made with Modern Bench Legs

We just received a note and some great photos from Travis who bought some tube steel bench supports from us and created a great modern bench! His DIY furniture project turned out great and now he was a sleek professional-looking piece of furniture and he can take the credit for creating his own furniture.



We think the bench turned out great, and here is what Travis had to say:

Thank you for making those legs for me…I think it turned out great and I couldn’t have done it without those custom bench legs.

We love seeing these projects, and we’re happy to show your amazing creations off to the world. If you’re wrapping up a project with our bench supports or hairpin legs, send us some photos!

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Julie’s Live Edge Desk with Flat Bar Desk Supports

We just received a note from Julie thanking us for sending her a set of custom flat bar desk supports. She added them to a beautiful plank of wood which uses the live edge as part of the cut. We think Julie did a great job with her DIY desk using our custom supports and we love hearing from our customers and seeing what they make using our supports and legs. If you have a project you’ve just finished, send us a photo!

live edge wood desk with custom steel desk supports

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Kimi’s Kitchen Table with Hairpin Legs

It’s hard to say enough about the creative group of people we’ve come across in our community. Kimi bought a few pairs of hairpin legs from us, and look what she put together for her kitchen! It’s a wonderfully finished set of Douglas fir boards which she added some 3 rod hairpin legs to. If you recall, Kimi is also the creative mind who build this matching set of kitchen and coffee tables with square bar hairpin legs. We’re so glad she’s turning our modern legs into modern furniture…keep up the good work Kimi!

coffee table with hairpin legs

kitchen table with hairpin legs

If you have a DIY furniture project you’re planning or have just finished, share your photos with us and we’ll make sure you get a shout out on the blog.

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Custom Bench Supports

We have two different bench supports now. Or original Bench Supports (made out of steel flat bar) and our new Bench Supports 2.0 (made from beefy 1″ x 2″ rectangular steel tubing). Each of these has proven to be popular enough that we now offer custom flat bar legs (because you might want to make a bench the size of a table).

Kimi recently ordered custom flat bar legs to make her bench. I think we can all agree with Kimi that it came out great!

Hey Justin,
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received everything now. Thanks!
Also, love the custom bench supports. Here’s a pic!

– Kimi

One of the best part of Modern Legs is seeing what you all do with the legs we send you. If you’re do a project with our legs share your creativity by sending a photo.

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DIY Door Table with Tapered Angle Iron Legs

Creativity is one of our passions. Imagining, designing and producing something, anything, makes us all feel so fulfilled. We love seeing our photos of our products out “in the wild” and more importantly, we love seeing the creative projects that they become a part of.

Check out this table built with a vintage door and a set of Tapered Angle Iron Modern Legs. We think it came out great. Thanks for sharing…

Thought you might enjoy seeing your legs on the finished product.  Love them!  Thank you so much.

The Dodsons

What have you made with Modern Legs? Share your stories with us.

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Stem Furniture and Modern Legs

Remember back in January when we posted about some of the beautiful table designs coming out of Stem Furniture in the San Francisco Bay area? We got an email this week from the owner, Danny, and he has some new tables on the site featuring hairpin legs from Modern Legs! Here are three examples of Stem’s tables, featuring Just the Tip hairpin legs,  square bar hairpin legs and classic hairpin legs.

raw wood coffee table with footed hairpin legs raw wood coffee table with square bar hairpin legsWe said it back in January, and we’ll say it again: it’s great to see the raw natural beauty of solid hardwood furniture teamed up with the simple style of mid century modern legs. The wood deserves the attention and our hairpin legs provide a simple contrast and a framework for a beautiful coffee table or end table.

Our hat is off to Danny at Stem Furniture and we encourage everyone to use salvaged, rough cut or reclaimed wood to start a project of their own.

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Matt’s Entryway Table

We just received some great photos from Matt, showing us how he used his tall hairpin legs to make an elegant entryway table. Well, let’s let Matt tell the story:


Just received the legs! They are fantastic and couldn’t wait to put them to use! Thought I’d send you a photo of what I made with them.

Thank you once again.


There is no limitation on how you can use modern leg styles to create a unique piece of furniture for your home. Thanks Matt, and let us know what else you dream up!

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Live Edge Coffee Table

Check out this coffee table made with our Original Hairpin Legs from our customer Summer and see what she had to say below.

Hey JR! Thanks for the tips on hardware. I wanted to send you a finished photo of our new coffee table. The legs are just perfect. Thanks again!


The organic edge of this coffee table really sets off the room. We really love getting photos of the projects our customers create with our modern table legs. Please share your creations with us.