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Window Table with Tapered Angle Iron Legs

window frame table with tapered angle iron legs

No, that’s not a typo, this really is a ‘window table’ and it’s a unique piece we had to share. This customer did a great job of upcycling and created a great table in the process. During a house renovation windows were being replaced so this customer made one of the windows into a coffee table using our tapered angle iron legs.

This table has a very unique look and keeping the old hardware on the window adds to its character. The old-school look of the tapered angle iron legs went perfectly with the vintage window…in fact it almost looks like the window is in a new frame the way these metal legs form a solid square around the window. The other great aspect of the window table is the light it lets through. It really keeps the room open and light with the added light on the floor under the table. What a great idea!

Our tapered angle iron legs are a great option in addition to the metal hairpin legs and bench legs we offer. We hope that offering a variety of metal legs allows you to find the perfect match for your next DIY project, and we’re pretty sure this project proves it! Whether you’ve got a tabletop in need of metal legs or a project you’re making from scratch, there are lots of great options to make a unique and functional piece. And don’t forget to send us photos of whatever you come up with!