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Vintage Wood Benches with Steel Bench Legs

We may be in the modern bench leg business, but we know a beautiful piece of wood when we see one, and boy did Michael from Wood Shed Production choose some amazing wood to make benches from. He sent us some photos of these new benches made with flat bar bench legs.

antique-beam-bench-with-bench-supports dark-beam-bench-with-steel-bench-legs

First, they take reclaimed and vintage wood from all over the US and design custom furniture based on their customers’ specifications. Some of the lumber comes from homes or barns, like these two sections of beam, and sometimes the wood is harvested as a byproduct of the timber trade. Wood that is cut by the timber trade is often oddly shaped, or not considered a commercial wood types, and would be are discarded. The folks at Wood Shed Production know there is still plenty of potential in this lumber, so they take the time to cut, craft and finish pieces like these benches, and we’re proud that they chose us to make the bench legs! If you are interested in unique handcrafted furniture, have a look around our blog and get inspired. You can create wonderful furniture with a set of bench legs and some amazing lumber.