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Upgrade Your Office with Bench Legs or Hairpin Legs

Some say changing things around in your office space stimulates creativity. We can’t think of a better way to stay creative than by sitting at a desk you created with bench legs or hairpin legs! Plus, talk about getting what you want. When you design and build your own desk you’re assured it will be just want you want. From the height to materials, you only put in what you want.

Metal furniture legs offer customizable height, maximize leg-room, and outlast other office equipment by a long shot. We may sit at a desk all day or just for a few important minutes at a time; having a hairpin leg desk we love pulls us towards the work we want to get done. You may be the only person who really knows what you want in a desk, you are the best person to make that desk.

You may want a short set of hairpin legs to make an existing traditional desk the perfect height for you. Or perhaps you want to make the entire thing from scratch. You can locate a desktop surface and attach the hairpin legs for a perfectly fitting workstation. Perhaps your ideal desk is a simple tabletop that doesn’t include drawers or other amenities. You decide! Whether you’re giving an old desk a new life or creating a desk from scratch, hairpin legs give you the perfect desk for your working requirements and space limitations. No matter what workspace you’re creating, we’ve got you covered!