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Todd’s Tables with Modern Steel Table Legs

Todd from APB Works in Ashland, Nebraska should be teaching a DIY furniture clinic! Look what he has come up with this time. We appreciate Todd taking the time to share all his projects and we’re glad we can provide the modern steel table legs.

These pieces of furniture are just beautiful! In some ways, the wood and the metal legs are similar throughout. Todd has chosen slab wood with a prominent grain. The legs are all simple, sturdy legs made of metal. At the same time, there is so much variety.

These pieces of furniture really show how differently the styles of hairpin and metal legs can turn out – how their different shapes and colors can influence the final piece of furniture. Great job Todd! Having a collection of metal-legged furniture provides ample inspiration for future projects.

The tapered angle iron legs offer a dark solid style of leg. The twist hairpin legs change up the direction the eye follows. Bench legs create a great solid angular bench. And we like the way the slab benchtop angles down and inward in opposing contrast to the bench legs’ upward angle. Some of these tabletops have been adorned with turquoise inlay. Inlay is an attractive decorative way to fill in natural holes or pitting that can occur as wood dries.

It is fun to look at so many DIY furniture options all at once. Which one is your favorite?