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Simple Hairpin Leg Runner Table

reclaimed scaffolding bench with hairpin legs

Hairpin legs are a great option for so many simple furniture projects. They are endlessly versatile. Sometimes it makes sense for the hairpin legs to take the back seat to your tabletop.

Their low profile makes them perfect to highlight the special tabletop you’ve been working on without hogging the show. But hairpin legs can also be one of the central players in your table; having them take the spotlight can be a fun change.

This runner table is a great example of the way hairpin legs can sit center stage. The folks at Bettzy in the UK make this fun runner table. This table is simple, elegant, and functional. It has a character of its own thanks to the identifying marks branded on from their former life as scaffolding. The small depth of the tabletop draws the eye to the hairpin legs more than a larger overshadowing tabletop. This is a great way to use hairpin legs as a main player in the table bringing its own style.

This versatility is part of what got us into the modern industrial table leg business. We just love seeing all the ways people think up to use these multitalented legs. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect legs to pair with your tabletop whether they’re front and center or keeping a low profile underneath.