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Record Stand with Modern Furniture Legs

Hairpin legs were invented at the turn of the century but they have never gone out of style. Their simple durable construction keeps them going strong to this day. We love seeing what customers come up with when they make furniture with our hairpin legs. It is fun to see all the new designs and styles customers develop for themselves. But somehow it always seems appropriate for hairpin legs to be used with other timeless classics. Hairpin legs for a record shelf seems just perfect!

We love what the folks at Wicker Woodworks came up with. Combining hairpin legs and LPs just seem right. There is even a removable storage box for the 45s! This is certainly a basic design many of us could come up with for lots of storage options. Storage for records, books, or other items lends itself perfectly to hairpin leg furniture. With hairpin legs, it is easy to customize the storage unit for your personal needs. It can be tall or short, wide or narrow, close to the ground or higher up. We’ve got hairpin legs to suit any need.

We offer hairpin legs from 4″ – 30″ ensuring you get the height you’re looking for. They can be used in any configuration you’d like; providing the type of support you’re looking for. And no matter how you choose to use them, they are durable and long lasting so your furniture will last a lifetime. Send us a pic of your final project so we can see what you’ve come up with!