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Pallet Wood and Tapered Angle Iron Legs

tapered angle iron legs

We love talking about what a great resource pallets are. They are a great source of quality building material. Here is a great example of how pallet wood can be beautifully finished and repurposed. Brady made his coffee table from pallet wood using our tapered angle iron legs. The angle iron table legs offer a different look from our hairpin legs. They are made of hot rolled steel giving them a rustic look; their unique angles will match the angle-cut pallet wood and draw the piece together.

pallet wood coffee table with tapered angle iron legs

Our angle iron legs come in even inch sizes from 4″ – 30″ tall. We offer two sizes as well: 2″ x 1/8″ angle iron recommended only for heights under 26″ and decorative pieces and 3″ x 3/16″ for any piece where stability and strength will be required of your piece.

For those of you who really like DIY furniture projects, sourcing some pallet is a great starting point. Stronger pallets use thick wood that can be easily reclaimed and turned into a finished piece…and you get the satisfaction of turning something that would otherwise be thrown out into a functional piece of household furniture. Brady describes his coffee table as having legs that are attached by being “screwed up underneath, tight into the corner to a plywood base beneath the angled sections of pallet wood.” Thanks for sharing Brady, excellent work with the pallet wood coffee table!