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Painted Tables with Hairpin Legs

closeup painted table with hairpin legs

Much of the furniture we see made with our hairpin legs utilizes plain wood paired with the simplicity of the metal legs. Often customers treat wood with simple methods such as staining or clear coating. This affords a classic look to the finished furniture.

Another great option is using paint on the tabletop. This opens up a whole world of options for your hairpin leg furniture. Plain wood can certainly be painted – or perhaps you have a wooden piece that is already painted that you would like to use. You can keep the paint on the piece, refresh the paint with a new coat, or mix coats to create a mottled look. A mottled or intentionally distressed look can be achieved by sanding down a painted piece of wood so part of the wood or undercoat shows through. Some customers paint the entire tabletop while others paint just enough for an accent color.

Painted pieces can be mixed and matched to create a design, and the metal legs themselves can be painted to offer even further color options for your hairpin leg project. We know you’ll have fun picking out the right colors for your table and its surroundings. And of course you get to choose which style of hairpin legs best fit your project – anything from the original hairpin leg to the square bar hairpin leg to our ‘Just the Tip’ legs. All of our legs are made right here in the USA of 100% steel. Have fun painting and send us a picture of what you come up with!