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An Old Door and Hairpin Furniture Legs

We often mention that making a table with hairpin furniture legs is as easy as attaching the legs.  Voila, you have a table! But why do we say this? First of all, making a hairpin leg table really is as easy as screwing hairpin legs to a door and making a table. Secondly, doors are easy to come by! Often old homes had a door for each room. This better kept the heat in when houses were harder to heat and not well insulated, if at all. As old homes get better insulation and heating systems, those doors often come out. We can now enjoy the openness of the house without having to worry about our toes freezing. And we can also enjoy those old doors that are no longer needed between every room of the house.

There are many reasons doors are easy to come by. Whether you live in an older home with a few extra doors or you’re seeing doors at antique stores and salvaged building suppliers, keep in mind they make an excellent hairpin leg table. Doors can be made into hairpin leg tables as is or they can be refinished. What looks best to you? If you want to maintain the old look of the door, simply keep it as is. If you’re thinking about refinishing the door, you can always repaint it or sand it down and clear coat it. Doors come in many shapes and sizes so pick one out that suits you and your home. Then pick out the style of hairpin furniture leg that you like best. Screw on the hairpin legs and you’ve got yourself a brand new reclaimed table!