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Oblong Walnut Coffee Table with 3 Rod Hairpin Legs

walnut table with 3 rod hairpin legs closeup

This table is almost an optical illusion! Each angle from which this table is viewed offers a different shape. It’s amazing how this shape accentuates the colors of the table and create an eye-catching combination. The high gloss finish looks great on this walnut wood. We like the 3 rod hairpin legs as well! This table is a great illustration of the versatility of hairpin legs.

The folks at Chairish have some great photos of this table up. You can see that four legs are used, but not in a two by two format often seen at each end of a table. Four hairpin legs nicely support this table while spreading out the support by putting the legs around the perimeter of the table. The live edge perfectly captures the distinctions in this piece of walnut – especially the eye-catching color variations throughout. It can be easy to think of a standard rectangular table when picturing what you’d like to make for you next hairpin leg table.

This coffee table is a great reminder why all shapes are fair game when making your own table. The oval shape certainly adds a lot to this table and improves its overall appeal. So many factors can contribute to making your own amazing hairpin leg table. This table demonstrates how a few unique choices all add up to a great piece of furniture. The number and placement of hairpin legs, clear coat, living edge and shape all contribute to this great table! These are all fun decisions to make and customize the table to exactly what you’re looking for in your homemade table. Drop us a picture and let us know how your hairpin leg table comes out!