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Redwood Slab Benches

We just got a note from another customer who made some one-of-a-kind redwood slab benches using our bench legs. In this case, Joe ordered some custom built steel bench supports and attached them to a beautiful slab of finished redwood. We’re glad to be a part of Joe’s project and we know he’ll have a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture for a long time.

Hey JR

The legs are perfect! Just finished 2 redwood slab benches today!



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Susi’s Bulletproof Coffee Table

Modern Legs is happy to relay some images and comments from another happy customer! We just received some details about the build and some photos to share in our inbox this weekend. To surprise his wife, Susi’s husband bought four 16 inch square bar hairpin legs to add to a coffee table he had been planning for a few months. He came across two solid oak table leaves from a dining room table, and knew he’d like to turn it into a new piece of do it yourself furniture. The wood was already sanded, stained and in beautiful condition, so the last step was getting a frame to mount the wood on, and four simple hairpin legs to tie everything together.

closeup of hairpin leg fasteners

Because the wood was in two pieces, he used a steel frame for better stability, and adding the steel hairpin legs was the perfect final touch. The coffee table was a big hit with Susi, and since the table is solid oak and steel, Susi calls it her “beautiful bulletproof table”. We’re glad to hear she’s happy, and we’re excited to see another successful project made with Modern Legs.

If you’re curious about how you can make something with hairpin legs, or are looking for some great modern designs, follow the Modern Legs blog, or friend us on Facebook.

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Workstation & Bench Support Legs

I have mentioned it on here before, but one of the most inspiring thing about Modern Legs is the creativity that our customers amaze us with on a daily basis.

Check out this workstation built by Chris. He utilized a butcher block table top and a custom set of our Bench Legs to create a very comfortable work space. What’s more, he’s leaning towards doing something similar in the kitchen.

Thanks for sharing Chris!
Happy Friday everyone – enjoy the rest of the photos.




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Three Bar Hairpin Legs

We’re excited to announce that after many requests, we are about ready to roll out our newest product, three bar hairpin legs. Our new 3 bar hairpin legs will be made out of the same quality materials and with the same craftsmanship that we use for our original hairpin legs and sizes will be consistent as well.

3 rod hairpin legs

We should get these up on the site over the weekend, so check back Monday! TGIF!

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Legs…and Dogs.

There is something very satisfying about building something. I think that there’s a desire in each of us to create. The kindling of that desire is one of the things that we appreciate the most about Modern Legs. Not only to we get to flex our own creative muscle each time we build a new set of table legs or brainstorm a new product but we are continually inspired by our amazing customers and the things they create with our legs.

It’s a wonderful cycle of creativity and inspiration.

Look at these photos we just got of a new bench built with our original hair pin table legs. We think it turned out pretty grand. Looks like we’re not the only one, that furry guy looks pretty pleased with the new creation as well.


We love getting customer photos, send us yours now.

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Stem Furniture

I just recently had the opportunity to bid a project for a great San Francisco furniture company called Stem Furniture. In reading through their website, we seem to have very similar design ideas: simplicity and sustainability. Their pieces are crafted from salvaged trees obtained from local timber companies. They accent the natural beauty of the trees and maintain clean, modern lines for a truly unique piece of furniture.

A picture in the blog portion of their website reminded me of my camping trips to the redwood forests of California back in the days when I lived in Vancouver, WA. It was a day’s drive across the state of Oregon to get there, and well worth the drive. It’s hard to grasp the magnitude of these trees unless you see them in person and I often wonder about what it must have been like to have been a logger cutting down one of those giants. The impact had to have felt like a small earthquake!

It was a pleasure to look over their website and be reminded of the beauty of the trees in California, and we wish Stem Furniture and companies like them all over the US nothing but success!

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Desk Legs?

Desk LegsAll too often, we pigeon-hole ideas, people or products into certain categories to only later, either through talking with someone else or through some kind “ah ha” moment, to realize that our idea should be so much broader. This has certainly happened to me recently. When we started Modern Legs I thought of it as a company that made hairpin table legs here in the USA. Certainly we ARE that, BUT as our clever customers have shown us by sending us photos of their projects, we’re more than just table legs.

We’re desk legs.
We’re chair legs.
We’re stool legs, kitchen island legs and coffee table legs.
We’re also bench legs.

I bet you keep surprising us. I doubt we’re just desk legs either. Share your photos of the projects you create today.