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Modern Furniture Legs on Conference Tables

We’ve all walked into conference rooms to begrudgingly gather around a laminate conference table that we’re sure dates back to the seventies. It doesn’t exactly stimulate creativity, does it? Many conference tables are the centerpiece of the conference room. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a beautiful hand-crafted table that catches the eye and inspires imagination? It sets a whole new tone for the room and the meeting when a gorgeous piece of furniture is calling you to gather around it.

We’ve been inspired by the gorgeous conference tables our customers have made. The great thing about using hairpin legs is their elegance and stability. Using minimal space, they get the job done and make an impressive conversation piece. Any of our metal legs will do a beautiful job. Our metal bench legs are often used as their durability transforms large slab wood into a work of art. Like our hairpin legs, the tapered angle iron legs provide stability without hogging the underside of the table.

The stability metal legs offer means you can leave virtually all of the space under the table available for chairs and legroom. Coming up with a big slab of wood may be as easy as stopping by the local sawmill. Putting together a great conference room table yourself will ensure you get a great end product. Plus, it can save you lots over buying a custom table. Just think, next time a meeting is called, everyone will be looking forward to pulling up a chair!